Welcome to the revised and revamped web-site for the Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota (FMAM). Our mission statement is: “Dedicated to providing leadership and resources for fire prevention and life safety.”

Who We Are: 

Our members consist of fire chiefs, fire inspectors, fire marshals, public fire safety educators, building inspectors, fire protection engineers, fire protection contractors, and others with an interest in fire and life safety.

Our History: 

FMAM was formed in the mid-1970s by a handful of local fire marshals as a way of networking ideas for effective fire prevention efforts. FMAM is a chapter of two international organizations: the International Code Council and the International Fire Marshals Association. Visitors can access the web-sites of those organizations by clicking on their logos to the left.

History of Fire Prevention: 

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”
– Benjamin Franklin, Volunteer Fire Fighter

Benjamin Franklin must have been thinking about us when he made the above famous quote about prevention. Although the fire service as a whole receives well deserved praise for heroic efforts in the face of imminent danger, in actuality, the damage is done and most lives are lost before any emergency vehicles arrive. It’s much better to prevent the problem from ever happening. This site is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the fire service who have saved untold thousands of lives without Medals of Valor and the related fanfare. You won’t read their names in the paper or see them getting awards from the City Council but they’re heroes just the same. They are the men and women of the Fire Prevention Bureau. They save lives and property by planning ahead, teaching fire safety and enforcing codes.

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What is a Fire Marshal?: 

The title “Fire Marshal” refers to a individual hired by a municipality or appointed by a “Fire Chief” to manage the Fire Prevention Bureau with some or all the following duties:

  • Public Fire Safety Education. School programs, flyers, safety camp, fire station open house and other contacts with the public for educational purposes.
  • Code Enforcement. Adopt and enforce state and local ordinances to make their jurisdiction a safer place to live, work and play.
  • Fire Inspections. Follow up on complaints, inspect new occupancies and conduct fire and life safety inspections of existing buildings and their contents to reduce hazards.
  • Fire Investigation. Often called on to conduct fire investigations to determine where a fire started and what caused it. When fires are determined to have been intentionally set, the fire marshal becomes an “expert witness” preparing a case for prosecution.

The “Fire Marshal” is one of the most important positions in a Fire Department. In larger fire departments, he or she manages the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Many jurisdictions also have “Fire Inspectors”, Fire Prevention Specialist’s”, “Plan Reviewer’s” or other titles for the men and women who work in the “Bureau.” We include all these fire prevention folk as our members as well as those who work for private companies instead of government.

Oh, one more thing. In the title “Fire Marshal”, the word Marshal has only one “L”. That is the only correct spelling when the word is used in a title. Misspelling this is a sign of disrespect and could get you a life time of really comprehensive fire inspections.

Goals and Purposes of FMAM: 

  • To provide training and education of public officials involved in fire prevention duties.
  • To enhance public education of fire safety and fire prevention method and practices.
  • To preserve and improve the welfare of the community through advocacy of legislation designed to increase fire safety and fire prevention.
  • To further the understanding of fire prevention practices through interaction and communication of ideas from the membership.

Current News: 

Check out the Current News for the latest of what’s happening in the world of Fire Prevention. This section is updated as often as necessary, sometimes daily. If you have current news not included here please post it in the discussion page described below.

Fire Prevention E-Mail Group: 

FMAM has a E-Mail Group to communicate with members and friends. This group is for members of the Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota or anyone else who is interested in Fire Prevention in Minnesota. It is also open to the public and other fire safety professionals.

Typical uses of this list would be to ask a question on a code section, ask about how other cities are dealing with a situation or spread news that may be of interest to other FMAM members.

This is a members only and moderated list. Yahoo will attach small advertisements. This is in exchange for this list being a free service. Subscription and canceling is easy. Give it a try for a while.

To subcribe send an email with your name and company to:  mnfiremarshals-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Members and Non Members are Welcome:

Please look around our web-site for information about FMAM and ways to improve fire and life safety. The information on this site is constantly changing so visitors are encouraged to check back on a regular basis for new items of information.

According to our statistics, we’ve had people from all over the world visiting this site. (40 different countries in one month) Please feel free to use anything you find of value, and please sign our guest book. We enjoy hearing about fire prevention activities from across the U.S. and around the world.